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When you want high-quality, affordable media and video production, Accent Media Incorporated delivers. We listen to your needs and work with you from the initial concept to the final cut, and everything in between, so you can be proud to show your media to your audience.

With over 30 years of experience in media production, we’ve tried, seen, and done it all. From commercials and social media, to episodic television, to event documentations, to major-release motion pictures; we’re always looking for new and exciting challenges.

Our professional staff provides creative and technical expertise while still speaking understandable English. If you’re new to media production, we’re your turnkey solution. If you require an advanced media videographer, editor, or producer, Accent Media can create exactly what you need, from small to large-scale productions. Accent Media Incorporated wants you to be comfortable with your message and we’ll help you get there.

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What we Offer

It might be easier to talk about what we don’t offer. That would be washing machine repair services, crepe-making, and wit legendary of an Algonquin Round Table. We’re fun, funny, creative, and professional (but not always in that order).   In the end, Accent Media is dedicated to making a communication device with you to fit your needs.

Commercials, corporate media, industrial media, event documentation, flu-shots, a memorable montage, web-based media, audio production services, dry cleaning, legal media creation, legal media presentation, and so much more is what we do. (But you stopped reading this partial list of services a while ago). Let’s put it this way…

When high-end production houses need a boost, Accent Media gets called in to help. When visiting Hollywood movie actors need production services for future products, we’re involved. When other “professionals” fail a project, Accent Media Incorporated gets brought in to fix and correct it. When a client wanted a recording of himself talking about the UFOs that appeared over large Texas cities in the 1980s that the government covered up, we did that too (although we did ask for payment up front for that one.)

Let’s talk. Tell us your needs. Our advice is free. Accent Media Incorporated has been there and done that for over 30 years, but we love a new challenge! We want to treat all clients as friends and provide them service and expertise they can trust. Call Accent Media at (866) 397-1739 for estimates and more information!

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