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Corporate Training

Looking for an effective, economical way to communicate to employees and clients? Motion media — a combination of visuals and sound — provides a consistent, time-saving solution.

Companies internally need training, meeting documentation, meeting presentation, and other forms of employee communication. Externally, companies need promotion of their products and services, in addition to video press releases to media and stockholders. Accent Media has done all that.

For example, one Fortune 500 company we worked for grew so fast, they had 70 plus sites in 19 different states in a few short months and couldn’t provide consistent communication. After identifying the communications as what employees valued, Accent Media created a media newsletter that we produced monthly to help provide consistent information flow.
In another Fortune 500 company, Accent Media provided services to help document and provide an online repository of internal meetings and events.

Small businesses are fun to work with! Hungry, forward-thinking, and focused on the future – Accent Media produced a sales presentation to resemble a whiteboard that included nearly 100 animations in the short piece. It won recent national award in the craft category of editing.

See how easy and cost-effective it can be to use motion media! Call Accent Media at (866) 397-1739 for details.

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Not just for television anymore, commercials can be used on the web and included in your website or focused e-mails for true 24/7 promotion of your company and its services. Accent Media has been creating commercials for 30 years and no matter if it’s 10, 30, or 60 seconds, for one medium, or multiple platforms. From live-action to animated commercials, we’re always thinking of new ways to engage your audience and give them something to remember you for. Accent Media can with ad agencies, creative consortiums, or your firm directly to create from script to screen.

One client needed a campaign of multiple spots in 10 days only using existing footage and with a small budget. Accent Media designed and created a campaign that met multiple informational demands, exceeding expectations, and coming in below budget. The commercials even won awards against other spots that had 10 times the budget.

Let Accent Media create unique, effective, and award-winning commercials for your needs. Call us at (866) 397-1739

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Web Media Creation

Video is on the Internet 24/7. You can use the power of the web to generate interest in your needs and promote your brand and communications.

Accent Media has been on the forefront of Internet media creation for almost 25 years. We were taking the lead, early on, for universities wanting to get their educational media out in digital space. Accent Media provided the technical expertise to make it happen.

Nothing beats the ease of use and cost-effectiveness of Internet media. Let Accent Media take your motion media to the Internet in the highest possible Internet quality, where it will reach audiences around the world.

Legal Media

Accent Media is a regional leader in Legal Media creation. Legal Media is an affordable and effective way to help present your case in court to a jury. Jurors want to be interested and media is an effective way to engage them. Don’t read a deposition in court. Show the deposition. Create a short powerful video of the most important points for closing. If you can’t take the jury to a location, let media bring the location to them. The power of media, animations, and graphics can help provide and exceed your jurors’ expectations and present your case professionally.

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Personal Media

Accent Media isn’t too big to do the right thing for you personally or your family. Graduation, wedding, photo montage, video montage, school events, or recording those special moments are all something we can do. Accent Media has done this for years! (Hey, you don’t think we don’t document or create gifts for our families?) We use the same high-end production equipment for personal media that do for our largest clients. There’s no reason we shouldn’t. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. It’s not a hobby, it’s our profession. Let Accent Media make your next video for your family, something amazing and memorable they aren’t expecting.

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Duplication Services

Even with instantly send able video over the Internet, there are still occasions for media needing to find its way onto mediums. DVDs, Blu-Ray, USB Keys – you name it, Accent Media has created to it. No piece of media is finished until it’s in the right format for your audience to see it.

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Digital Conversions

We hate to tell you this, but the era of videotape and film is over. When is the last time you actually watched a videotape? Are you sitting on a shelf full of old videotape and film that you consider intellectual property? Playback mediums, parts, and technicians are all in very short supply, so time is running out! Other physical media forms are suffering as well.

Accent Media has been involved with numerous clients and educational facilities in converting old formats to digital files. Do you really want to re-create something from scratch? Be sure to ask us for some examples of our conversions. The processes Accent Media uses are second to none.

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